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Clean 20This week I decreased added sugar, reduced process food, reduced consuming unnecessary additives, and incorporated most of the foods recommended in The Clean 20 by Dr. Ian K. Smith. I lost 3 pounds. One of the main observations that I have made so far is that I do not feel as bloated as I have been after eating meals. Surprisingly, I do not miss the added sugar; however, I do miss the convenience of processed food. Thankfully, I like the foods on the clean eating list because I eat many of them already.

While I am following The Clean 20 rules and taking suggestions from the program’s menus about what to eat, I am not eating the meals in the exact order that Smith has outlined in the book. It is just not realistic for me. I do not like to cook, so preparing Baked Apple Oatmeal Cups for breakfast and Herb-encrusted grilled skinless chicken breast with salad greens for lunch is not going to work for me. However, I will eat my cup of oatmeal with blueberries mixed with a 1/4 cup of reduced fat milk for breakfast and a turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread with 5 ounces of turkey, a slice of pepper jack cheese, a tomato, and mustard with a 3/4 cup of black bean vegetable soup.

Let’s discuss coffee for a moment. I LOVE coffee! What I do not love is drinking black coffee. Therefore, when I prepare my 10 ounce cup of coffee in the morning, it includes the coffee (K cup), one packet of Truvia, a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar (cuts the aftertaste of the Truvia), and 1 tablespoon of half & half. My coffee contains about two grams of sugar. According to Jackie Warner, who wrote This is Why You’re Fat, “Choose foods with five grams of sugar per serving or less. The body doesn’t register anything five grams and under, so that is optimal” (35). Many afternoons, I enjoy a second 10 ounce cup of coffee. Even with my miniscule amount of sugar that I add, I am within my sugar limits.

The clean eating challenges that I faced this week included not drinking enough water, not being able to eat perfectly on a schedule, and eating dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. When I am home, I come close to consuming the recommended amount of water (between 8 and 10 cups per day) suggested on the program. When I am at work, not so much. I have always struggled with consistently drinking enough water during the work day. I’m not sure how to solve this issue; however, I’m not giving up. As for my eating schedule, I had a couple of long meetings this week that interfered with me eating my morning snack or lunch on time, and I attended an afternoon swim meet with no afternoon snack and eating a late dinner. Being overly hungry can lead to overeating or reaching for the wrong food choices. I prevailed, but there was a time or two this week that I wanted to consume something extra and not so clean or take a trip through a fast food drive-thru. Also, eating out or having someone cook for you can be a challenge on any clean eating program. On Friday evenings, my mother-in-law is kind enough to cook dinner for my family. And, she cooks well. Unfortunately for me, dinner this week was fried catfish, mashed potatoes, carrots, and chocolate cake. I ate it all in moderation.

As for exercise, I failed miserably this week. I only walked on Monday (off). I do walk a bunch around the school’s campus and climb a fair amount of stairs while working, but I am not hitting the recommended amount of steps or completing the exercises in the program. All excuses, but here it goes: too hot, tired (probably from not drinking enough water), no working earbuds for phone, lack of motivation.

I am a work in progress, dear reader. Even though I did not follow the program this week to the letter, I did make more positive than negative choices to improve my health. And, I’m not giving up because my desire to be healthier outweighs my desire for eating bowls of Blue Bell’s “Happy Tracks” ice cream. Happiness!

“What’s important is that you make the leap. Jump high and hard with intention and heart.” ~ Cheryl Strayed


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BottlebrushI realize that I am probably one of the last humans on the planet that waited so long to watch Stranger Things. In my defense, I do not have much time to watch television, and there are few shows that I watch alone in real time or with Andrew. He is just as busy during the school year as I am, so coordinating our schedules to watch a couple of hours of television together can be difficult. However, we manage to squeeze in some time here and there for our favorite shows. Andrew and I had finished watching Parks and Recreation during Mardi Gras break, so we decided to start watching Stranger Things. Many of my friends, family, acquaintances, and even some of my students encouraged me to watch it since they thought it would be a show that I would really enjoy. Boy, were they right. Stranger Things is SUPER awesome! I’m obsessed with it. I absolutely LOVE that it takes place in the 1980s. The show is basically about a group of geeky kids who meet an unusual girl with special abilities around the same time that one of their friends vanishes into a mysterious place that is home to a disturbing creature. It is like the X-Files meets the Goonies. The seasons are not very long, so we blew through both of them within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the next season does not come out until 2019. Alas, Andrew and I will just have to watch Beyond Stranger Things which delves into the secrets of the Stranger Things universe, specifically Season 2 and re-watch the two seasons prior to Season 3 premiering next year.

In other news…spring has sprung! I have been enjoying the extended daylight in the evenings. Unfortunately,  I only walked on Monday during the first week. I did much better this past week by walking on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and I will walk this afternoon. I’m walking between 30-35 minutes while listening to a podcast.

I started reading Part 2: “This Is How You Eat to Get Hot and Healthy” in Jackie Warner’s book. I read the chapter “Add to Lose” which basically explains the fat-burning foods that need to be added to your existing diet without changing it, supplementing your diet to maximize results, and subtracting foods that cause sensitivities. This chapter is a 2-Week Jump Start to Warner’s program. Therefore, it looks like I will be jump starting on the Monday after Easter along with starting my food journal.

On 19 March (Monday), I started Oprah and Deepak’s Shedding the Weight Meditation. It has been a wonderful way to end my day. It definitely relaxes me.

Only four days, dear reader, until I start Easter break and drop Andrew off at the airport for his adventure to Ireland, Wales, and London. How I wish I could fit in his suitcase! While he is away, I plan to spend time with family and friends, read, meditate, exercise, and organize my scrapbooking materials for my annual girls’ scrapbooking weekend at the end of May. Have a peaceful week while striving to make some area of your life better. Happiness!

“Making each moment count positively is all that life demands from you.”               ~ Edmond Mbiaka


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Daylight Saving Time is FINALLY here!MC900432635[1] Three weeks ago I assigned myself some action steps for improving my health that I wanted to complete by today. Unfortunately, I did not complete them all. I have been working quite a bit at school and helping Andrew get ready for his upcoming trip to Ireland. Instead of admonishing myself, I am praising myself for the steps that I did accomplish (week 1). After all, I do have until the end of the year to complete this goal.

I reread Part 1: “This is Why You’re Fat” in Jackie Warner’s This is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever). This section of the book basically explains the three hormones that make you thin, the four hormones that make you fat, balancing your hormones naturally, outsmarting your cravings, sugar overload and weight gain, sugar addiction, hidden sugars, detoxifying your liver, thyroid and metabolism, and avoiding adrenal burnout. Sadly, I am a sugar addict, and I am abusing my body with eating unhealthily and not exercising regularly.

I increased my water intake. In three weeks, I drank a lemonade (Taco Bell) and two mocha lattes (PJ’s/BAM). Otherwise, I drank only water or hot green tea with pomegranate.  I do limit my tea consumption to two cups per day (12 ounce cups) mixed with a little honey.

I weighed myself this afternoon instead of this morning because I forgot that today was the day. I weighed in at 157 pounds which is a three pound increase from my last weigh-in on 12 February 2018. I refuse to fret. This means I need to weigh at least 139 pounds by the end of 2018. Of course, more is BETTER in this situation.

Realistically, I know that I will not start my food journal until the Monday after Easter. I am off of work, so this week will be a perfect week to begin the journal. However, I do need to read Part 2 and Part 3 of Jackie Warner’s book in order to buy the healthy foods I will be implementing in my diet and to create an exercise schedule. Tomorrow, I start walking in the evenings after dinner and will begin keeping an exercise log, as well.

On 19 March 2018, I will again participate in Oprah and Deepak’s Shedding the Weight Meditation. It is a free 21-Day Meditation. I thoroughly enjoy their meditation series. I am thrilled that the Chopra Center is repeating this one. What perfect timing since I am focusing on my health and wanting to shed some weight!

Dear reader, I am getting excited about this leg of the 2018 journey. There is so much to gain from eating clean, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and incorporating meditation in your life. If you want to join the free meditation series, click on the link above to register. Enjoy your upcoming week and be proactive with your own goals for this year. Happiness!

“Life is a great asset we must all endeavor to acquire, keep and daily maintain it well with all due diligence, for without life, all other assets have no real meaning to our lives.” ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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I have good news and bad news. IMG_3340The GOOD NEWS: I reached one of my Health & Fitness resolutions which was to run a 5K. On Saturday, 16 March, I ran the Hammond Rotary Shamrock Run. The start and finish were on SLU’s campus. Despite the temps being in the forties, it was a gorgeous sunshiny “perfect for a run” day. I had set three goals for myself: finish the race, run the entire way, and complete in 30 minutes. I accomplished ALL three goals. Actually, I surpassed one goal by finishing the race in 28:55. I’m SUPER proud of myself. My hubby and Comet tagged along to cheer me on throughout the race course.

The BAD NEWS: I have NOT exercised since the race. I could give you my list of excuses, but I won’t. Frankly, I wanted to take a break.  I’ll be back on track Monday, 1 April.

There are three upcoming races I plan to run:

  • Holy Ghost Parish Spirit Run (20 April)
  • Mi5Ke Run (11 May)
  • Zombie Run (23 June)

My hubby and I are already registered for the Zombie Run.

I started reading Jackie Warner’s current fitness book called 10 Pounds in 10 Days. I don’t believe I will lose ten pounds in ten days; however, I do believe it will motivate me to finally drop the holiday weight.

Getting back on track can be tough, especially if you are not living in the NOW. I wish I could master living in the NOW. It seems like such a simple concept; however, it’s a very difficult thing to do. I may have to consider rereading A New Earth or The Power of Now again. In the meantime, I’ll have to do my best. Happiness!

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

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It’s Monday and time for my weekly weight loss update. Yes, I’m continuing to lose weight. I weighed in at 146.5 pounds. I had to transfer half of a marble to my “pounds lost” container. So, I wrote 1/2 on a round color coding label and stuck it on a marble. HA! Not very creative, I know. To date, I have lost a total of 6.5 pounds.

The Jackie Warner DVDs I ordered arrived late last week. I watched all three this weekend to see which one I would use first. I was sweating just watching her workouts. Tough! Her workouts are definitely going to kick my booty.  I decided to start with Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training. There are five workout options: two Total Body Circuits (15-minute & 40-minute), Abs Only Circuit (15-minute), Upper Body Circuit (15-minute), and a Lower Body Circuit (15-minute). This morning I chose the 15-Minute Total Body Circuit, which I did after my 30 minute walk. You move the entire time. Very fast-paced. Love the energy.

Running/Walking Schedule

This week I plan to run/walk on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Walk 7 minutes, run 3 minutes. Repeat three times. The other days of the week I will be walking for cardio. I will be doing Power Circuits three days a week on the days I am not running/walking.  

Last week, my run/walk schedule was on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Walk 8 minutes. Run 2 minutes. Walk 1 minute (repeat 3-minute session 5 times). Walk 8 minutes. I’m basically alternating days to allow for recovery.

I did take a rest day on Saturday. When my alarm went off, I got up to go walk; however, I crawled right back into bed when I saw lightning. I decided to sleep late. Mistake! Sleeping late = foggy, groggy brain for Kat. I felt off all day long. So, note to self:  if I take a rest day, do not sleep late.


Honestly, since I started my weight loss program keeping up with my workouts and my food journal haven’t been too hard; however, I know this will change on Wednesday. School is starting and life will get a bit more complicated. It will require planning and getting up earlier than 5:30AM if I want to get my cardio workout in before school starts in the morning. Eventually, I will be adding a job to the mix. Thus, more of a time crunch. It is basically going to boil down to priorities and choices.

“You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are. ” ~ Fred Rogers

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What an exciting week for me nutrition and fitness wise! I lost another two pounds [applaud, please]. I did not feel deprived at all this week eating clean. Actually, I enjoy the fruits and veggies, look forward to my daily whey protein/almond milk drink, and love the extra energy. There are some minor challenges; however, nothing that a little more organization, research, and a DVD player can’t fix. I met my strength training and cardio goals, as well as most of my nutrition goals.  

Here is a brief recap of my week:


  • Monday-Friday ate clean.
  • Saturday ate clean. Enjoyed a treat meal for dinner (Asian cuisine). *
  • Sunday ate clean. Enjoyed a treat meal for afternoon snack (skinny mocha latte at BAM) *

*Treat meals will be discussed in a later post, especially that Asian cuisine also known as a Chinese/Japanese buffet. This explanation will be for the benefit of mon frere, Moonius Maximus.


  • Monday-Sunday did cardio each morning. Walked with intervals for 30 minutes for 6 days. Completed a Kathy Smith Cardio-Burning DVD on 1 day.
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday did Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Strength Training for 30 minutes (book).
  • Monday-Sunday stretched after every workout. 


Challenge #1 is planning my meals for the week ahead of time. I have not carved out the time to plan a weekly menu. This would help me in two ways. First, I would be guaranteed to meet my daily caloric goal, as well as my food group servings goal. Second, I would have a better idea of the foods I need to purchase at the grocery store.  I’ve done really well writing in my food journal; however, some days I am under 1, 500 calories. Or, I don’t eat the suggested amount of servings from the food groups. A couple of days, I went over on my fat grams because I ate walnuts (breakfast) and almonds (mid-morning snack) OR nuts (breakfast) and 1/2 of an avocado (dinner). Nuts and avocados are great for you, and I love them; however, they are high in fat (good fat).  Yes, you do need some good fats in your diet, but not all on the same day per se.

Challenge #2 has to do with the Power Circuit routines in Jackie Warner’s book. For me, watching someone perform an exercise is easier than looking at a picture with directions in a book. Some of the exercises are difficult, and are definitely not for a beginner. I cannot perform a V-Tuck (core). I fall over and roll around. Perhaps, it is because I have no core strength. Despite that fact, I have to improvise.


Obviously, I will have to set aside some time to plan a menu. My goal is to have one in place for next week, but before I go to the grocery store this weekend. To solve my strength training dilemma, I ordered 3 of Jackie Warner’s DVDs. They are similar to her power circuit routines in her book. I already own one of her DVDs, and love it.  I will continue using the routines in her book until I receive the DVDs.


A couple of items I’ve discovered in the grocery store that have made eating salad more enjoyable: Paul Newman’s Low Fat Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing (2 Tbsp contains 1.5g fat; 35 calories; 4g sugar) and Almond Accents (1 Tbsp contains 3.5g fat; 40 calories; 1g sugar). Sometimes, I use the Almond Accents in my oatmeal.  

As you know, I love coffee. I have not been drinking coffee on a regular basis because I stopped using sugar and was trying to use one packet of Truvia. Since I had been blending it with sugar, I didn’t realize Truvia has an aftertaste. I did a little research this week, and it seems that 1Tsp of sugar has 4g of sugar in it. So, I experimented with coffee yesterday morning and happily discovered that if I added 1 packet of Truvia and 1/2 Tsp of sugar (2g sugar), as well as 1 Tbsp of half & half to a 10 oz cup of coffee, it tasted wonderful. Thus, my love affair with coffee may resume.  

Overall, I feel like I’m off to a good start. I have more energy, which I have been using to clean out and organize my scrapbook room/office  and the exercise room. I’m hoping to be finished with both rooms by this weekend. I’m eating the good foods in place of the bad foods, and surprisingly I don’t feel restricted or deprived. I look forward to doing some kind of exercise every day. I’ve been getting up earlier to fit in my workouts before dropping my little guy off at Drama Camp. This past Saturday, I went to my favorite running store, Phidippides, located in Metairie and bought a new pair of running shoes. Next week, I will be starting my run/walk plan so I can get back to running 3 miles at least 3 days a week. Running is my favorite exercise and a great stress reliever. Happiness!

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” ~ Jordan Belfort

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Today is July 1st. Today, I begin my “eat clean” program. Today, I begin exercising AGAIN. Today, I start my hiatus from Facebook and Pinterest. Today, I go to the movies to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Well, I have to have some fun today.

I woke up this morning at 6AM. My husband, Comet (my little dog), and I went for a walk. After taking a shower, I ate two hard-boiled eggs, 1/2 of a grapfruit, and drank a cup of coffee with one packet of Truvia and a splash of  half & half.  Usually, I add some extra sugar or chocolate syrup, but not this morning.

I am following the health and fitness advice from the book This is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever) by Jackie Warner. For the first two weeks, I may continue eating the way I have been eating; however, I must start implementing the following foods in my diet:

  • eggs (two daily)
  • oatmeal (one cup daily)
  • hormone-balancing, detox veggies (2-3 cups daily)
  • fresh fruit (2 servings is 2 whole fruits daily)
  • water (two to three litters daily)
  • whey protein shake (8-ounce serving daily)
  • green tea (evening) 

Even though I know I can eat crap for the next two weeks, I’m not using that as an excuse to go crazy. I have already started eliminating processed foods from the grocery list, as well as eliminating the extra sugar in my coffee. Of course, I will be eating peanut M & M’s at the movie theater later.

As for exercising the next two weeks, I need to perform cardio only five times a week for a maximum time of twenty minutes each workout. I will not do any resistance training in the first two weeks. My cardo workout must have maximum effort and include intervals. The first two weeks is prepping me for the “eat clean” lifestyle and the circuit type workouts I will be doing to lose weight.

This morning, I also weighed myself. I weighed in at 153 pounds. I checked my training log when I started running in August 2011. I weighed 143.5 pounds. My reaction: speechless, shocked, angry, sad. How did I let this happen? My only answer…complacency, emotional eating, not exercising, excuses. So, today I decided I want to weigh 125 pounds, which means I will need to lose 28 pounds (impressed with my math skills). A few weeks ago I found a cute idea on Pinterest to track your weight and stay motivated. It was weight loss jars. I decided to create my own using plastic ziploc containers and marbles.

weight loss containers

Weight Loss Containers to track pounds lost.


Danielle LaPorte makes a very good point (and provides some inspiration) in a short video (Your Word Is As Powerful As You Say It Is) she made for the blog PositivelyPositive. Today, is my day to make a commitment to myself. The only way I will be successful at losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by keeping my word to myself.

“The secret of success ….do what you say you’re going to do.” ~ Danielle LaPorte 

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