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Unfortunately for me, I have not seen 125 pounds on the scale, yet. I know…amazing how that number is eluding me. I’m not giving up; however, I cannot keep weighing myself every single day. It is tedious, discouraging, and driving me bonkers. After reading Danielle LaPorte’s blog post Why I Gave Up Chasing Goals, it made me think about my real goal. Why did I set out to lose twenty-eight pounds? Was it really about the number of pounds lost OR was it  how I wanted to feel when I made the commitment to exercise on a regular basis and change my eating habits? I decided that my real goal all along has been to be healthy, have more energy, get off the reflux medication, feel good about myself on the inside, as well as the outside.  

The scale has its purpose. However, there are many factors that affect one’s weigh-in. You cannot always control those factors. This is my daily weigh-in for the last ten days:

12/2: Goal Date – 126 lbs.
12/4: 127 lbs. – contest started
12/5: 127 lbs.
12/6: 125.5 lbs.*
12/7: 127 lbs.
12/8: 126.5 lbs.
12/9: 126.5 lbs.
12/10: 129.5 lbs.
12/11: 128.5 lbs.
12/12: 127.5 lbs.
12/13: 127.5 lbs

I’m not going to rely on the scale as much as I will on how my clothes fit. I do NOT want to be a slave to the scale.  

I have two winners of my contest. The person who guesses the number or is closest to the number wins a prize. Well, I had two people guess 3 days. I am awarding both Mary and Ming a $15.00 gift card to Target. On the third day I was 125.5 pounds. In my mind, 125.5 pounds is close enough to 125 pounds. Congratulations and thanks for participating in my little contest. You two have given me lots of encouragement and support throughout this journey.

When I finally do reach 125 pounds, I plan to take a picture. Just to say I did it. Again….the goal is to feel good. I hope everyone is having a spectacular week, especially with the weekend starting tomorrow. Happiness!

“The foundation of a good relationship with intentions & goals is keeping in mind that the primary aim of setting and working toward them is to feel the way you want to feel.”  ~ Danielle LaPorte

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