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MC900389392When setting goals for this year, I listed a few for my home. After work, I spend the majority of my time at home. The goals for my home deal with simplicity and preparation for a home makeover. I would like for my family and I to develop a way of living which embraces minimalism. My list of goals includes:

  • Minimize stuff: I want to spend the next nine months going through my house, room by room, purging STUFF. The goal is to donate, trash, use, or organize the stuff. Then minimize what is brought in the house from that point.
  • Make Repairs/Finish Unfinished Projects: My hubby loves projects, especially when it involves building something. And, he is awesome at planning the projects and starting them; however, he is NOT so awesome at completing them. 
  • Learn to Paint like a PRO: I have always wanted to learn how to paint properly. I would like to take a class at Lowe’s or Home Depot and learn how to paint the rooms in my house like a professional. Sometimes, just painting a room is all that is needed to spruce it up.
  • Bookcases: This year I plan to hire my Daddy to build my bookcases. As most of my friends know, I’m a bookaholic. I love books and plan to purge my collection; however, I will still have oodles of books that need to be placed on shelves instead of piles.  I’m hoping this project can be started over the summer after Barry finishes building his deck.
  • Redecorate Plan: If the first four goals get accomplished, I want to create a redecorating plan for 2014. It will not be anything elaborate because the main goal is simplicity. It will concentrate on the inside of the house.
  • Purchases: My hubby and I need a new bed with a headboard. We also need curtains in our bedroom to block out the light caused by a neighbor living behind us. The light he installed in his backyard is so bright it illuminates our entire bedroom, and I can’t sleep. We now have sheets tacked over our blinds. They are not the most attractive window treatments.

Since I have a couple of days off from work, I will start in my bedroom and work my way to my master bathroom and closet. Barry will be working on his deck; however, if it rains, I will suggest he start working on his closet, as well. The main hurdle for me will be eliminating the attachment I have to some of this stuff. This will be a wonderful opportunity to practice the power of NOW. Happiness!

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” ~ William Morris

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