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I completed my first full week of the new school year and with it came a couple of surprises. The first surprise was the speed at which the work day passes in my new position. I am busy from the moment I set down my purse in the morning until I pick it back up again in the afternoon. Except for Thursday, I even worked while eating lunch. I attended meetings, reviewed lesson plans, visited classrooms to check environment, instructed teachers on programs new to them, answered loads of questions, and dealt with NJHS business. Several people have asked if I like my new position, and the answer is “yes, so far.” It is considerably different from teaching in the classroom.

The second surprise was on Thursday. I had an upper GI endoscopy procedure done. It had been almost six years since my last one. The main reason for repeating the scope was a result of certain foods appearing to feel stuck (roast, salad, bread) in my esophagus. Unfortunately, some scar tissue had developed in my esophagus due to reflux symptoms. To remedy this, my gastroenterologist dilated and stretched my esophagus. The surprise was being informed by my doctor that my stomach contained multiple gastric polyps. YIKES! I had no idea that polyps could form in your stomach. Biopsies of the three largest ones were taken and in two weeks, I should have results. What can cause these polyps? One cause is using proton-pump inhibitor medicines which I use to control my acid reflux. YIKES! And, my doctor just upped my meds from 20mg to 40mg. While this news is depressing, it is also a wake-up call. No more playing for me. I MUST take my health and wellness more seriously because I am currently overweight. Being overweight and eating poorly are risk factors for acid reflux.

RosesThe third surprise was on Friday after school. My hubby bought me beautiful roses to celebrate my first full week in my new position. They were waiting for me when I arrived home from work. It definitely made me happy.  What a thoughtful and loving gesture!

Finally, my last surprise was at weigh-in this morning. I lost two pounds! It was probably a result of my doctor removing the three polyps. HA! All kidding aside, I am trying to make a more conscious effort of not mindlessly snacking, especially when feeling overwhelmed. I am lessening my sugar intake, but it is imperative that I make more healthy changes in my diet. I need to return to clean eating and drink lots of water. I continue to walk almost daily. However, I need to also include some strength training and cross training as part of my fitness plan. I will be thrilled when I can say I have a walk/run streak. Clearly, I am not there, yet. It is essential for me to take action right now.

I remain hopeful, dear reader. Prioritizing my time is going to be the key to getting me back on track. I did it once before and lost 26 pounds which allowed me to cut back on my acid reflux meds. I failed at taking care of myself, and this is the consequences. There is a silver lining. I can start over again and strive to be better. Happiness!

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”            ~ Henry Ford

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