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The month of April is practically over, and I feel like it passed rather swiftly. I attribute that to being extremely busy at work along with commitments for both Andrew and me throughout the month. This post will be my only one for April. While it would seem quite disappointing to me that I only got around to writing one post this month, I am taking it as a win. And, I credit my 18 for 2018 list for feeling that way. I must publish at least one post per month throughout the year, and I have successfully been meeting that goal.

Setting goals and having aspirations are wonderful and fulfilling; however, we must remember that we will not always hit the mark and succeed which is perfectly fine. Sometimes, our goals take a bit longer to reach, and sometimes we have to abandon them due to unforeseen circumstances. Regardless, we cannot get too hung up on the outcome, but focus more on the journey towards the outcome.

For me, reaching my goals is all about the timing. I figured that the week after Easter, I would accomplish so much. After all, I had a week off, and Andrew was out of town. Nope! It did not happen the way that I planned. I did, however, get the ball rolling on a couple of items I planned to achieve. I wanted to update my LinkedIn account, so I met with my fabulous friend and future writing partner (keeping my fingers crossed) Michelle for lunch to get some advice and feedback on how to go about it. Well, I received valuable feedback, had a terrific lunch and even more terrific conversation; however, my LinkedIn account still looks exactly the way it did when I walked into that coffee shop. And, that’s fine. I know it will get done at some point this year.

I also figured that I would get a huge start on organizing my scrapbook paraphernalia for my annual trip which is at the end of May this year. Nope! Instead, I spent most of my week working on school related items. BAMI had rough drafts, lesson plans, and graduation tasks to complete. I admit, I was disappointed because of everything that I wanted to do during the break, this was on the top of my list to accomplish. This would have been possible had I been able to take care of the school stuff the week before break. Unfortunately, the week before my break was pretty hectic. You win some, and you lose some. The silver lining is that I now plan to scrapbook Andrew’s trip to Ireland, Wales, and London. Furthermore, I will start organizing the materials next weekend.

Finally, I thought that particular week would be perfect to start the 2-Week Jump Start portion of my eating clean program. I created a form for my food journal for those two weeks to record the additions to my diet, as well as what I currently eat. Nope! I did fair the week I was off, but it fell by the wayside the week I returned to school. This was definitely the wrong season to start thinking about changing my eating habits. On the other hand, I succeeded with exercising and have been on a streak ever since my week off. I have been walking about an hour a day for five to six days a week, every week, since Easter. Walking has become a habit again, and I look forward to it. Now, if I could just manage to look forward to eating clean more consistently, the goal of eating clean may become easier.

Although I have had some ups and downs this month, and I have stalled a little with reaching a few of my goals, I am still optimistic and fired up about the remainder of the year. For once in a long time, I am truly excited about the goals that I have set for this year which is re-energizing me. Get ready for your week ahead, dear reader, with enthusiasm and focus on what is good in your life. Happiness!

“The unpredictability of life sucks. One minute you’re riding high with the wind whipping through your hair and the next minute you’re flat on your ass with a face
full of gravel.” ~ Alison G. Bailey, Present Perfect

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