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A few years ago at a morning assembly at school, the principal was giving the student body, as well as the teachers information for the day. I cannot remember what prompted her to bring up the subject of expectations. However, she made the statement that expectations can lead to disappointment. When I first heard this, I was a bit confused. Shouldn’t we have expectations if we are to reach goals? The answer is yes and no. Since that morning assembly, I have encountered what the principal meant. I have been the one who has had expectations of others and even myself, and I’ve experienced people who have certain expectations of me. Expectations lead to disappointment when the expectations exceed a person’s best attempt at what is expected of them.

Since I have been eating clean (five weeks), I’ve had certain expectations about how this is going to turn out. Actually, every week I expect to lose weight. Therefore, imagine my disappointment when I weighed in yesterday and saw that I did not lose any weight, but had gained a pound. I was crushed. Intellectually, I knew the weight gain had to do with water weight instead of fat weight. Emotionally, I felt funky. There were no hoots and hollers when I had to take a marble out of the “pounds lost” container and drop it back in the “pounds to go” container. Technically, I should have been thrilled I didn’t gain more weight under the circumstances. Yes, this is the week of my monthly visitor. Generally, I gain between two and three pounds of water weight during the week of the wretched curse. And, let us not forget the added bonus of the huge red zit displayed on my chin. Ladies, you understand. This is an example of my expectations exceeding my best. I cannot control water weight gain caused by certain female conditions any more than I can control the weather. Yesterday, I should have expected to gain weight and should have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the small amount I did gain. It is in perspective now.

Running/Walking Schedule   

It rained ALL day yesterday, therefore, I did not get my fourth run/walk day in for the week. I admit I was disappointed because I had this expectation I need to run/walk four days a week. I realized the fourth day needs to be treated like a bonus. So, I adjusted my workout schedule, as well as my attitude and did Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Timesaver Training DVD in the morning rather than in the afternoon like I originally planned.

This week I plan to run/walk on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and possibly Sunday (remember…bonus). My run/walk workout this week: Walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes. Repeat three times

Food Finds

This week I made three new discoveries of yumminess:  Newman’s Own Lite Raspberry & Walnut salad dressing (2 Tbsp contains 5g fat; 70 calories; 5g sugar), Toufayan Bakeries Whole Wheat Pita Bread (1 Loaf contains 1g fat; 150 calories; 2g sugar), and Athenos Reduced Fat Feta Cheese (1 ounce contains 3.5g fat; 50 calories; 0g sugar).


I only have one expectation of myself, and it is to do my best in all circumstances. I acknowledge that my best today may not equal my best tomorrow. However, I will do my best. I will be enthusiastic about the possibilities surrounding this week. Life is an adventure, so expect the unexpected because anything can happen.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”                 ~ Alexander Pope

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