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     I’m sitting here having a déjà vu moment, except I’m eating grapes (planned snack…explain later). I’m at the start of a new school year without a job. Sound familiar. Yes, last school year I decided to leave the teaching profession with my family’s blessing to pursue other things. And, I did. I was suppose to blog about my year. And, I didn’t. I was kind of busy going in a few different directions trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.  However, there is a slightly different plan for this year. I will not be returning to the teaching profession as a full-time teacher; however, I am planning to return to the teaching profession as a substitute teacher. My thinking…it will provide me with a much needed paycheck, while giving me much needed flexibility to continue to pursue other things. One year was not quite enough. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. This year I will blog more about my year. This year I will arm myself with monthly resolutions in the name of “happiness.” Hopefully, with a more planned approach, I will not flounder as much as I did last year. I have no regrets concerning how I spent my time last year. It gave me a much needed mental break, and I was able to explore different avenues of interest, while being more active in the role of mother. I know what I don’t want for my life, so this year I must find out what I do want for my life. I do want to be happier, and for me I must dust off all the areas of my life and make some much needed improvements.

     Last month I read the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and I am obsessed with doing my very own happiness project. It really is kind of insane considering school is about to start, as well as scouts and working full-time. My resolutions are designed to gain back more control over my life, and provide me happiness at the same time. I also will set some goals throughout the year as I work on these resolutions. Making this public gives me some added motivation to work harder. I need to be held accountable in order to succeed.

     Yesterday, I started my own happiness project. I do not have my chart created, yet…plan to do it today. One of these months, I have to tackle TIME MANAGEMENT. Below are my resolutions for August. Now, some resolutions I can do everyday, others are throughout the month. I basically get a gold star for each resolution I keep during the month. Then next month, I have new resolutions PLUS the previous ones. We’ll see how well I do all year. If I can gain some more control over my life, it will ultimately make me happy. These reolutions are all about gaining control and making my life happier in the process. Gretchen Rubin started off her happiness project with Vitality (boost energy) for her first month, so I thought I would do something similiar. It makes sense. The more energy you have, the happier you are and the better equipped you are to tackle other areas of your life that need improvement. I decided to concentrate on health and fitness.
So here goes:

August: Health and Fitness
• Eat Better: In order to do this I have four resolutions.
1) stop mindless snacking throughout the day (if I do have a designated snack, they need to be healthy-fruit/veggies/yogurt, etc. (no M & M’s). Hence, the grapes I was eating earlier during my déjà vu moment.
2) keep a food journal
3) eat more fruits and veggies (fruit is not hard for me, veggies much harder)
4) plan my meals ahead of time
• Exercise: I have three resolutions under this category.
1) Move everyday.
2) Run at least three days per week.
3) Strength Train at least two days per week.

• Drink more water (at least 6 glasses). 
• Get up Earlier (no hanging out in the bed unless I’m sick).
• Go to bed ON TIME (no staying up late to read).
Then I have some activities each month to challenge myself (learn something new).
1) Make one NEW recipe per month.
2) Take an Improv class (acting) – two classes in August (last two classes in September).
3) Take a Scene Study class (acting) – three classes in August (16 hours of instruction).

August Goal: Weigh in at 135 on 8/29.
Anyway, as you can see…NO MORE EXCUSES. Pardon me now as I go strength train.


“To excuse by definition means “to regard with indulgence; to view leniently or to overlook; to pardon.” So I ask you, what would happen if you couldn’t use even one excuse this year?” ~ Debbie Ford

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