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Work LIfeHappy Labor Day, dear readers! Today, across the United States, many of us are celebrating Labor Day which is a celebration of American workers and their contributions and achievements. For many folks, this means BBQs, boat rides, and one last visit to the beach.

This year, I chose to celebrate Labor Day all weekend long by relaxing and doing little to no work. And, I do not plan on working too hard today. My behavior this weekend is highly unusual. When I was a classroom teacher, not so long ago, I used this weekend to catch up on school work. In fact, it was the norm for me to spend Labor Day Monday at school. The beginning of the school year is always hectic with tons of paperwork, organizing the classroom, creating emergency sub plans, writing lesson plans, getting into the school routine, etc. I always felt frazzled those first few weeks of school, and Labor Day weekend was a nice way to catch my breath.

According to Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project, Labor Day is a great day to reflect upon one’s work life. Back in January of 2017, Rubin launched The Onward Project, a group of podcasts, that go along with Rubin’s message of creating “a happier, heathier, more productive, and more creative” life. Notably, for this Labor Day, Gretchen Rubin created #HappierLaborDay.  With the exception of Radical Candor, the other three podcasts of The Onward Project, Happier with Gretchen Rubin (Episode 184), Happier in Hollywood (Episode 68), and Side Hustle School (Episode 611), are asking questions and sharing their thoughts and insights pertaining to work life. Considering many of us spend a substantial amount of our time at work, you may want to spend a few minutes listening to what these interesting individuals have to share and then take some time to ruminate on your own work life.

One question that I personally reflected upon was “Does your job define you, and should it?” This was a question posed by Liz and Sarah from Happier in Hollywood. For me, my immediate response to the first part of the question is NO. Should it?  For me, the answer again is no. I am not especially passionate about my job. I feel that I am good at my job, and I am grateful for my job and the opportunities and blessings associated with it; however, I am not my job. There is so much more to me (that defines me) than my job and that allows me to do my job. With that being said, I am now pondering “What defines me, and should it?” HA!

For those of you that are not familiar with podcasts, they are auditory gems. I absolutely LOVE them. Podcasts are easily accessible, and you can listen to them through your phone, iPad, or laptop. I listen to several podcasts on my phone while walking, driving, and completing chores. Not a day goes by that I am not listening to one of my favorite podcasts. If you haven’t listened to a podcast before, may I recommend that you try the ones mentioned in this post. I will share others with you in the coming months.

What are you doing for Labor Day, dear reader? And, what defines you? I will be curious to learn how many of you are defined by your job. Happiness!

“The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have. That’s what’s going to define you.” ~ Denzel Washington

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