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IMG_0600What an absolutely gorgeous day! The sun is out, the temperature is cool, and the air is crisp. I took my little dog out to do his business before starting my business of writing and soon found myself sitting on my front porch basking in the sunshine and watching the birds and squirrels. I closed my eyes, listened, and felt peace. It only lasted a few minutes. However, it inspired me to write outside today. Thus, I am now writing this post outside on the deck in the backyard while enjoying a cup of hot green tea with honey. It is cooler than I expected since I am more in the shade than in the sun; however, it feels wonderful, and I am PRESENT. Nature has that effect.

Linger more. This was my challenge action this week for The Busy Boycott. While I wish I could report that I lingered more throughout the week, I pretty much saved it for today. I woke up at 7:00 this morning, made a quick trip to the bathroom, and climbed right back into bed where I snuggled some more under the blankets until 8:00. Feeling like I loitered long enough, I got up and wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and check my cell phone for any messages. I had an email from mon frere (Simon), so I replied, hit send, and brought my coffee along with my I-Pad back to the bedroom. Plopping back into bed, I caught up on reading a few blog posts, as well as my devotion for the day. Therefore, I lingered over my cup of coffee and took my time reading. Now I am up and ready to live the day.

Since the new year has started, Sundays have become a retreat of self-care. It seems as if each Saturday of January has entailed some type of activity outside the home. Friday afternoons before dinner have become the designated grocery shopping day which allows for Sunday to be sacred. I still have chores to do, the checkbook to balance, and clothes to wash; however, I have allowed myself to linger over that cup of coffee or actually read a blog post instead of skimming through it for the highlights. Having a day to just BE at home with nowhere to go has been pure delight. No one should have to wait for a vacation to practice self-care, savor a cup of coffee, or admire the beauty of nature on a day like today.

I know it does not appear on the surface that I have been doing much to change; however, the changes are happening, just slowly. Cutting back on my school hours, allowing myself a day to practice self-care, writing more, evaluating the “busyness” of my life are just a few ways I am laying the foundation to achieve my goals for this year. I’m opting to be the tortoise instead of the hare.

Throughout the next week, I will be thinking about my perfect day. This exercise was mentioned during the Smart Cookies webinar I participated in last week and as a reflection question for The Busy Boycott. This exercise is meant to help inspire you to work on goals that will help you attain what really matters to you for your life. I’ll share my perfect day with you when I get it figured out. In the meantime, enjoy your day. Try to get outside today if the day is beautiful and soak up not only the sun, but also the sights and sounds of nature. Happiness!

“Stop and unplug,” say I; “look around you, at the vastness and greatness of the natural world.” Some stop. Others need binoculars to tie their shoelaces.” ~ Fennel Hudson, A Waterside Year-Fennel’s Journal-No.2 

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