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Kat’s Novel Adventures

This past week has been an incredible week for creative folks, including myself. As you know, dear reader, I have been collaborating with Kelsi on her channel, Slime and Slashers – Books, Movies, & Nostalgia, for the last two years. We talk about books, movies, and activities we participate in during the holidays and months with special themes. In 2022, we decided to do a year-long Year of King project where we read a Stephen King book or short story each month and watch its screen adaptation(s). Then, we follow up with a monthly livestream to chat about our experiences. Additionally, I have been following several book tubers’ channels. It is no secret that I LOVE books, and reading is my favorite pastime. Watching bibliphiles talking about books and the stories they are reading is my idea of a good time.

Since the end of last year, I have been toying with the idea of creating a YouTube channel where I could talk about the books I am reading and maybe some of my other interests and creative pursuits. Therefore, back in March, I chose my channel’s name and created some components of my channel (banner, about information, added a link to my blog). And, there it sat quietly, waiting for me to take the next step which was to create an actual video. I planned to launch my channel with an introducton video the weekend after Labor Day. Crickets! Then, I decided to include it on my Fall Fun List. So, on Friday morning, I LAUNCHED my YouTube channel with my first video. I am thrilled to officially be on the YouTube platform and part of the Book Tube community.

Dear reader, if you have two minutes to spare, please check out my channel’s introduction video. Many, many thanks to Kelsi for helping me make this dream a reality. Thus far, I have received lots of kind and encouraging words since I launched my channel. I look forward to this new adventure.


Friday was also a HUGE day for my friends Brian and Maria. The three of us started improv together back in January of 2020. They are both talented improvisors and actors. With Slice of Dat Productions, they participated in the creation of a short film called Contingency which was submitted as an entry in the 48 Hour Film Project for Chicago 2022. Basically, their team worked together to make a movie in ONLY 48 hours. On Friday afternoon, Contingency debuted to the general public on YouTube. I think the cast and crew did a remarkable job. The film is gritty, nerve-racking, and thrilling.

“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”

One of my favorite movies is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is not a particularly good movie, but it is a cult classic and has a fantastic soundtrack. The film is a great deal of fun to watch with an audience because the audience interacts with the film. Two years ago, Barry and I had a Rocky Horror Date Night where we had a blast reliving the film after not seeing it in theatres in over 30 years. Well, the Columbia Theatre showed it again this year, and we went to see it last Saturday with Shelly, Kerry, and Helen. Our evening started off with dinner at Cate Street Seafood Station. Then, we walked from the restaurant to Columbia Theatre where we were surrounded by creative audience members who were dressed amazingly as characters from the movie. I always say I am going to dress up as Magenta one year, but it has not happened, yet. Helen was a virgin going into the film because she had never seen it. There was a talented shadow cast dressed as the characters who performed terrifically on stage along with the movie. We each had prop bags (Barry shared with me) with various items to use throughout the film. My favorite part of the film is standing up and doing “The Time Warp” dance which is loads of fun. What an enjoyable evening with friends!

Lots going on in the world of entertainment, dear reader. Whether we are talking about books, music, films, or theatre, there is literally something out there in the world for everyone. I am thrilled I not only can enjoy being entertained, but I can also be a part of entertaining others. Life is truly full of adventures, some big and some small; some ordinary and some extraordinary; some experienced alone and some experienced with others. What creative adventures or endeavors are you a part of, dear reader? Happiness!

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” ~ William Feather

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Two years ago when I decided to leave full-time teaching to pursue other avenues, I took an acting class. For many years I worked on the production side of the camera. I wanted to see what it was like on the other end. I took several acting classes over the two-year period. It is a great deal of fun; however, much harder than one would think. Also, during this two-year period (actually, pretty early on), Andrew and I both secured agent representation. Basically, this meant we had a way of getting auditions for commercials, as well as roles for television and film. Exciting! Yes, but also very difficult because there is so much competition with other actors, as well as many factors that influence the final decision of the director. I look at auditioning like playing the lottery. Keep in mind, you have to play the lottery in order to win. Same goes for auditioning. You have to go on the audition in order to get the part.

Yesterday, I auditioned for the role of a middle school mom for a Post-it commercial. I have not been on an audition in over a year. This is my fault. During the spring semester, I was working as a 2nd grade teacher for a teacher who was on medical leave. I used work as an excuse not to audition. However, I chose not to audition because I was fat and yuck. I felt inadequate, self-conscious, and had low energy. That is not the case now. Since I’ve lost weight, I feel more energized and confident.  

My audition time was originally scheduled for Wednesday afternoon; however, I was substituting in the library and couldn’t make the audition time. I let my agent know I could not make the audition Wednesday, but was available on Friday. Thankfully, she was able to get the audition rescheduled. My hubby was also off of work on Friday and drove me to New Orleans for the audition. Honestly, I was a little nervous. I had no lines. I had no idea what the casting director was going to have me do. I just prayed I didn’t have to interact with something invisible. I desperately need to take an improv class. I just had to take my own advice that I tell my children and mon frere, Moonius Maximus, all the time….DO YOUR BEST. 

I went into the auditioning room with another actress and actor. The casting director was pleasant. The three of us had to say our names and show our profiles. The casting director asked each of us a question. Mine was, “If you could have any super power, what would you choose?” I said, “I want to read minds, so I can know what will happen next.” HA! This would keep you one step ahead of the bad guys. The casting director also asked if any of us had teaching experience. I told her I had fourteen years that ranged from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The casting director then asked us to talk with one another for 45 seconds about anything except acting, the parking situation, or the weather. Afterwards, we each looked at the camera and said our names again. The audition was over. I think I did well. Regardless of the outcome, I DID MY BEST. 

“Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.” ~ Miguel Ruiz

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