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Fast Burn Friday: Week #8

It’s another Fast Burn Friday, dear reader, and there is terrific news to share this week! I am currently in Week #8 of the Fast Burn Challenge. On Monday morning, I weighed in at 151 pounds. I lost more pound in Week #7 with a total loss of 10.5 pounds. I have surpassed my first fast burn challenge goal by .5 of a pound. I am excited! I have been consistent with both my eating and exercising which has paid off. I am in the final two weeks of the challenge with this week being particularly challenging.

I am in the midst of the second-to-last week of the challenge, and the guidelines have significantly changed for this week. Instead of three meals each day, I’m eating two meals with four snacks. Three of those snacks are eaten in between my two meals with the fourth one eaten after my second meal. I am also following a 5:2 IF schedule which means that on five of the days, I’ll be eating almost double the calories I’ll be eating on the two low-calorie days.

Kudos to Me for…

  • meeting my daily water intake goal.
  • meeting my TRF 14:10 goal.
  • continuing to eat more veggies.
  • meeting my daily exercise goals.
  • planning my meals and snacks for the week.
  • choosing wisely when eating at a restaurant.

Planning meals for this week is very important. I had family come in from out of town, and I went to eat lunch with them on Monday. I ordered a Garden Salad which consisted of romaine lettuce, a couple of grape tomatoes and cucumbers, cheese, and croutons. I requested NO cheese or croutons and added grilled shrimp (about 10) with Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing on the side. I did not consume all of the lettuce and dipped my fork in the dressing in between bites. This counted as my second snack for the day because of the caloric intake of the salad.


I did great Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Monday, I did not need my fourth snack. On Tuesday, I did not need either my third or fourth snack. You better believe that I ate all four of my snacks on Wednesday. So far, Wednesday has been the most challenging day of this week. It was the first of the two low-calorie days. For my second meal, I ate a veggie plate (spinach with mushrooms, sweet potatoes chunks (air-fried) with a cup of brown rice and a bowl of Knockout Brussels Sprouts. My second meal was much more than the choices provided; however, I was not feeling too great and definitely needed the extra calories. I relished every bite without one ounce of guilt, especially the Brussels sprouts. On Thursday, I did not need my fourth snack.

The week is not over, yet, dear reader. I still have the weekend to navigate through which will be another challenge. I am currently at a scrapbooking event at the Hilton in Kenner with my girlfriends (Shelly, Donna, and Heather). I’ve been here since yesterday evening. I have my meals and snacks planned and brought along plenty of healthy snacks. However, today and tomorrow will test my willpower depending on if and where we decide to eat lunch/dinner. Tomorrow (Saturday) is also the second low-calorie day for this week. I’ll be fine with any restaurant, except one. If we decide to eat at Bud’s Broiler, I will unapolegetically be eating a hamburger with a side of chili cheese fries and enjoying every bite. Happiness!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” ~ Jenna Wolfe

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